Root canals are all part of a day’s work at our dentist in Urmston; after all, they are the best long-term treatment option for dental abscesses. But how do we carry them out?

The root canal treatment has mixed responses from patients; there is a little apprehension from some. However, at Stretford Road Dental Practice, we see root canal treatments as being fundamental to saving teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted.

The cause – abscesses

Abscesses are the result of an immune system response to tissue infection. If the infection cannot be directly stopped, then it must be contained. The tissue exposed to the infection around the site lays down creatine and other fibrous proteins to keep the infection local and prevent sepsis.

When this occurs in the gap between the tooth and the jaw bone, the expanding abscess can become trapped inside the bone. This makes it especially uncomfortable and significantly reduces the effectiveness of oral antibiotics, which require a good blood supply to get to the site of infection.

Root canal solution

By opening the top of the affected tooth, our dental team can get access to the abscess through the tooth. Clearing out the abscess using an antiseptic fluid will resolve the infection and reduce the chances of recurrence. This also helps with the expansion of the root canal, which is extremely narrow in most cases. We will gently file the tooth, with the aid of a surgical microscope, to carefully and thoroughly extend the canals without compromising the integrity of the tooth.

After this, a full root treatment filling will be done. We start this filling at the bottom of the tooth and extend it up the entire length of the canal, all the way through to the entrance hole that was drilled at its top.

Time, preparation and care

The difference between a successful and unsuccessful root canal is often a matter of time, preparation and care before performing the procedure. It is essential and effective that x-rays are carried out since the structure of roots are not all the same; there may be variation between the front single-rooted teeth and rear double-rooted teeth. Furthermore, there are also variations between individuals with wisdom teeth containing up to five roots. The widening process changes significantly if a root is straight or angled. Sometimes, roots can get tangled up with each other, resulting in acute angles that add complexity to the procedure.

With enough preparation and careful methodical execution, many of these complexities can be handled by our dentist in Urmston, and you can rest assured that we will not take your dental health and wellbeing lightly.

Emergency care

A dental abscess is considered an emergency, and if you have the misfortune of suffering from one, you will know full well that it makes sleeping and focusing on work extremely difficult. We highly recommend that you resolve it as soon as possible, and our dentist in Urmston would happily see you as an urgent case.