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Specialist Endodontic Referrals

“What’s in a smile?”


say we-here at SRD.

A confident, comfy and healthy smile means the world to us and we're on a mission to:

  • Reduce the levels of dental disease in our local community (and beyond)
  • To help people beautify the smiles they already have-especially more so in an age where a camera is never too far away and everyone is more image conscious.

It’s simple…

Prevent, Maintain, Beautify

say we-here at SRD.

To help with this we have and amazing dental plan designed to keep you connected with us allowing us to individually inspect each area of your mouth for dental defects BEFORE they cause problems and that’s the secret to keeping smile confident and pain free.

This hard working plan has been ingeniously designed to not only spread the financial cost of dentistry but also provides world wide assistance for a variety of ‘dental nightmare’ scenarios we constantly see people get into - 365 days a year.

“Regular maintenance with
total peace of mind”…..

All for as little as the cost of 'An apple a day.'

And once you’re healthy why not explore our sister services upstairs.
Open to plan members as well as visitors alike who just want one off treatments . A whole plethora of treatments are available from, simple tooth whitening , orthodontics, to filling in unsightly gaps or replacing cumbersome dentures with implants even saving natural teeth on the brink of extraction with state of the art Endodontics (root canals ) delivered by expertly trained clinicians who have spent decades perfecting their craft.


‘A patient centred team, committed to providing excellence all under one roof.’


Replace Missing Teeth

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Dental Implants


For Healthier Smiles

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Endodontics Treatment


Straighten Your Smile

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Invisalign Treatment

About us

Meet the Mr. and Mrs. dental couple who have fallen in love with their practice…

Hello, we’re Afzal and Zahra Haque, the owners and principal dentists at Stretford Road Dental Practice. We are a husband and wife team who pride ourselves in making a positive difference to the lives of the people who trust us. For us, it’s all about giving people back control of their own oral health so that they can reap the benefits of a beautiful healthy smile.

Meet the team

So why not come and see us for yourself?

We’d love to meet you and have the opportunity to look after your dental health too. Simply call us on 0161 747 5375 to have a chat with a member of our team or book an appointment to come and see us.

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Practice Plan

Protect your teeth and your wallet with our dental care plans

It’s important to keep up with your regular dental check-ups and hygienist visits, to ensure that your mouth stays healthy and doesn’t cause you any problems. The costs of these appointments can sometimes add up more quickly than you might like; wouldn’t it be nice if you could pay for your treatments in smaller instalments instead?

Our dental plans are here to help you do exactly that. Rather than pay the entire treatment fee after every appointment you have, you can spread the cost over 12 smaller monthly payments, and have your routine dental treatment all taken care of. We offer two plans so that you can choose the best option for you, and you’ll also be entitled to a great range of other benefits in practice.

Basics Enhanced
Two dental check-ups Two dental check-ups
Two hygienist appointments Four hygienist appointments
20% off additional treatments in practice 20% off additional treatments in practice
Simple emergency treatments at no extra charge Simple emergency treatments at no extra charge
Simple emergency treatments at no extra charge 12 months' redundancy policy
£14.99 £19.73

We also offer student plans at just £10.84 per month, which includes two dental check-ups within the year and also entitles you to 20% off additional treatments in practice – so there's no excuse for not taking care of your teeth amidst all the studying and partying!


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