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Dental Hygiene Urmston

Make sure your teeth and gums stay in top condition with regular hygienist appointments
You know that it’s important to visit the dentist regularly to make sure your teeth are healthy and there are no signs of decay. But what about keeping your gums and the rest of your mouth in top condition too? That’s where hygienist treatment comes in.

You might think that hygienists are just here to clean your teeth and send you on your way, but in fact their job is crucial to maintaining your dental health and making sure you don’t have any problems in your mouth.

When you eat, particles of food can get stuck in the crevices in your teeth and along your gumline, and drinks often cause a layer of film to coat your teeth and gums too. If you don’t manage to clean all of this away when you brush your teeth, bacteria can be attracted to your mouth and ultimately cause decay.

Even worse, if they get into your gums and cause swelling and inflammation, there is a risk that they can cause damage to the nerves and bones in your jaw, which may even result in tooth loss.

Regular thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums can help to keep the risk of oral problems and gum disease at bay, and our hygienist will also be able to give you a full scale and polish to ensure your mouth is as fresh and healthy as possible. What’s more, you’ll also receive some expert tips and tricks to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy on a day-to-day basis, in between visits to the practice.

We recommend that you visit the hygienist at least every six months, particularly if you wear fixed braces or have a family history of gum disease.

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“The dentists and staff were really helpful after my orthodontic braces had been removed, with advice on my oral hygiene.
Would highly recommend"
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