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Specialist Endodontic Referrals

Orthodontics Urmston

Our in house orthodontist has all the specialist knowledge and training to help you improve your smile
Do you have crooked or over-crowded teeth? Are you self-conscious of your smile? Orthodontic treatment could be the answer, and there’s nowhere better to provide you with the help you need than Stretford Road Dental Practice.
Our specialist orthodontist Owaise can help you achieve the straighter, neater smile you’ve always wanted. He specially trained to be able to offer just about any type of braces you can think of, including some of the options below:
Invisalign Braces:

These involve transparent ‘shields’ that are placed over your teeth in order to gently manipulate them into their new positions. There are several stages within the treatment process and your teeth will be gradually readjusted with each stage to allow you to end up with the ideal end result. Invisalign braces are removable, unlike most other types of brace, and can be taken out for eating, drinking and to allow you to brush your teeth.

Ceramic Braces:

These are the same as the metal ‘train track’ braces that you might be familiar with, but they use attractive tooth-coloured brackets rather than the distinctive silver metal ones. In some cases we can even use tooth-coloured wires too, to blend in with the overall appearance of your teeth.

‘Incognito’ or ‘inside’ Braces:

Unlike any other types of brace, these are fitted to the back of your teeth, so they’re almost invisible to anyone looking at you. They can manipulate the placement of your teeth in much the same way as other braces, but are very discreet.

Conventional Metal Fixed Appliances:

These are the most common form of appliance used in children and are often also termed ‘train tracks’. They are most commonly made from stainless steel and attached onto the teeth using tooth coloured filling material (composite resin). Care has to be taken eating hard foods as the attachment can easily be broken leading to a disruption in treatment. An orthodontic wire (archwire) is tied (or ligated) into the bracket using coloured elastic rings which can discolour in-between visits. These elastics can be silver coloured to blend in which the appliance or brightly coloured. As treatment progresses the orthodontist will progress to thicker wires which can place greater forces onto the teeth. Some patients term this process as ‘tightening’ the appliance. Appliances can easily be removed at the end of treatment leaving the teeth intact.

Depending on the extent of treatment you need, and the health of your teeth and mouth, there is likely to be a certain type of brace that would be best for you. Otherwise will discuss your options with you during an initial consultation, and will also give you an estimated length of treatment and answer any questions you might have about your new braces.

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"The dentists and staff were really helpful after my orthodontic braces had been removed, with advice on my oral hygiene.
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